Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jack and his new family

Jack lives with his family not far from us in the greater Phoenix area.

He has a new big brother too! Jack and Milo are becoming great pals! You'll notice Jack's tail is one big blur - I think he's happy with his new family!

Lili and her new family

Lili now resides in the greater Denver area.

Doesn't this face . . .

. . . just melt your heart???

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A sucker born every minute!

Some people are really stupid. There, I've said it. Does that piss you off? Oh well.

I'll tell you what pisses me off. When I see these so called "breeders" pimping out their puppies on the internet with catchy phrases, glitzy websites and puppies next to soda cans, remote controls and packs of cigarettes. But the one I've seen today just takes the cake!

Website - page 1 -
"Home to the ORIGINAL "designer" themed Shih Tzu website. (Don't be fooled by others!)"

Eh GADS! How stupid are the people that read this, go further and buy a dog from this person??

This one I loved - on the list of what she provides with all puppies -
"Pedigrees of parents if available". IF AVAILABLE??? You have GOT to be kidding me?? People are giving this girl THOUSANDS of dollars for dogs and she can't even produce a pedigree?

She also says she genetically tests her dogs - big deal. What is she testing FOR? She doesn't exactly say, but she justifies her prices because breeding is SO expensive. She doesn't SHOW her dogs, hell, she can't even produce a pedigree all the time - what is she spending the money on? Toys, potty pads, genetic testing, snuggly beds, blankys, playpens, nursery necessities, advertisements, emergency c-sections, and of course HER TIME. Here's a newsflash folks - capital expenses like toys, pens, "snuggly beds", "blankys" - with proper care, they last a long time! Shih Tzu aren't in general destructive to these items. Her expense of c-sections - well hell's bells - if she wasn't breeding bitches below standard size, in general she wouldn't need to section them. Oh, and her TIME - my advice would be to GET A JOB! I will admit that vet bills are expensive - but my thought on that is that if you can't afford to pay for the medical care necessary for your dogs, then DON'T BUY OR KEEP ANY MORE - and certainly, don't breed them to pay the bills!

If one chooses to breed dogs and it is done with purpose - correctly - one will loose money. Get over it.

If you have bought a dog from this lady - you have been TAKEN! Some people are really stupid!

I've got to go get my blood pressure under control.