Friday, October 21, 2011

Babies Have Arrived!

Born 10/18 to Violet and Magic - four beautiful babies!  Three black & white and a surprise gold & white!  Two girls and two boys!  Here they are lined up for their first breakfast together!

Mom and babies are doing well!  For a live web cam feed go here.  The passcode to view will be in my twitter feed located below on the right sidebar.  The passcode will change daily.  The webcam will not be on 24/7, so check back if the feed is not available.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Kiki Takes Best Of Breed

Last weekend we travelled to Show Low, AZ to show at the AZ White Mountain Kennel Club Show.  I had never been to Show Low, only having been as far as Heber in 2010.  The drive from Phoenix is a very pretty drive north up to Show Low which is at a 6,000 foot elevation.  All was nice and sunny until we hit Payson, and then the rain started.  Not a good sign.  It rained most of the remaining drive into Show Low.

After checking in to the hotel there was a slight break in the rain, so we headed to the show site.  We met up with Carol and Gail Page, who were setting up their grooming area/tent.  They were kind enough to let me share their space, saving me the grief of bringing my own tent to set up.  By this time it was nearly dark but we decided to play in the rings a bit.  I was concerned because Kiki wasn't so thrilled to be on grass and in general she looked like she just wanted to go home.  So after a trip around the ring, and a short time on the table, we left and went for dinner.  Awesome margaritas!  :)  After dinner, it was back to the room and it was time for Kiki's bath.  THAT was fun!  And finally at midnight it felt good to lay down and rest.

Saturday the weather was perfect!  In the 70's and sunny.  We got to the show site at about 8:45am.  I had my coffee in hand and some wonderful boy scouts helped me get my gear to my set up.  Carol and Gail followed shortly thereafter and I got busy finishing the grooming I started at 5am on Kiki.  

I was still concerned that Kiki would hate her first real show experience, but made the best of the time with her.  I made it a priority to keep her happy and I treated her to some of my leftover grilled chicken from dinner - an incentive to keep her tail wagging!  When we stepped into the ring, I squeaked her toy and her tail went up over her back and away she went, taking the breed win!  I was, and still am, thrilled that she did so well!  The grooming didn't stress her (or me for that matter) and she had fun in the ring!  Yeah!

We had to wait some time to get a picture taken so here are a couple of candid shots.

Admit it - I'm adorable!

When is that photographer guy gonna be ready??

This was the first show I had done is a while so my grooming skills need some brushing up!  No pun intended!  But what is more important than a perfect topknot is that your puppy has fun in the ring!

My thanks to Dr. Lee Anthony Reasin for Kiki's first point.  As always sir, it was a pleasure to show to you!

Unfortunately on Sunday the rain returned, and I was already feeling a cold coming on, so I picked up my gear from the show site, getting drenched in the process, and we made it home by noon.  And even though we cut our weekend short, we had a good time.

First point down, fourteen more to go!