Saturday, March 24, 2012

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

One of the hardest parts of breeding dogs is letting them go.  Having experienced when it is time to say goodbye to an older dog - I can say it is VERY hard - especially when they have been a loving companion for 10, 15 or more years.  It is almost like losing a child.

So how come it's also hard when the puppies go?  I mean they have only touched your life for a short period of time, right?  And typically when they leave at 12 weeks I feel a pang of ache in my heart but I know they are going to the best possible forever homes.  Plus if you've ever shared your home with 3 or 4 barking 12 week old puppies, you know that at 12 weeks, it's time for them to go to their new homes! 

I can't keep them all.  I wish I could though.  I wish I had unlimited income and could have a large piece of property and take in rescues to bring them back to the healthy and loved dogs they deserve to be.  I would still breed sparingly and show my dogs too like I do now, but I would work on saving the ones that deserve to sleep in a warm bed every night with a full belly too.  I wish I never would have to worry about quality of care or whether the neighbors would complain.  I wish I had the help I would need to accomplish these goals.  But I do not.  So, because I love these little dogs, I still work on moving my breed forward by showing my dogs to prove they are worthy specimens of the breed, breeding on a limited basis and keeping the best I can to move into the next generation.  And along the way, finding great homes for deserving little lives that touch mine in the process.

Tonight is the last night I will get to kiss one of these little angels in my house goodnight.  Little Chunk is going to his new home and his adventure actually began a few weeks ago.  You see, he's not Little Chunk anymore - he is Dallas.  And he is soon going to be on his way to Chicago.  Tomorrow we will go on a short trip to Show Low, where my friends Cindy and Larry will take Dallas into their home for about 2 days.  Then they will drive off to Albuquerque on Tuesday to the airport with Dallas and they will all wing their way to Chicago.  Cindy and Larry will be visiting friends and family - and Dallas will meet his new family.  In my heart I know this is the best thing for this little, sweet soul.  But I've cried like a baby over this all week every time I think about handing him off.  He's been here longer than most puppies and he's wormed his way into my heart.  I love this little guy, but I love him enough to know he needs a new forever home and I must let go.  He is a lovely puppy, but he is not meant for the show ring.  Structurally he is sound.  He moves like the wind, but he is not marked well enough.  His blaze isn't wide enough and he has way too much ticking on his legs.  And I can't keep them all.

So today was full of running and playing - it was in the low 80's here today so the yard was the place to be!  And puppies play hard!  Today was no exception!

I'm a mess - but I had a blast today!

I am such a sweetheart!

I'll bet I'm going somewhere!  I always get a bath before I go somewhere!

Yes, little love, you are going to your new family.  But you will always be in my heart.  I love you Little Chunk - enough to know that you need to move on.  Be well and be good for your new momma.  And know you are loved.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Princess Pretty Pretty

Angelique was born back in February of 2001.  She singled out in showing, but I never was able to get those majors on her.  I finally cut her down due to my working 12 hour days and not having the time, skill or knowledge at that time of appropriate products to keep her coat in good condition.  Angelique is a sweet little girl who is a champion producer and a girl that has more than earned her spot on my pillow every night.  She has the sweetest disposition and she makes me smile every day. 

Angelique just turned 11 years old last month and she is still going strong!  She loves her some cookies and is just a tad pudgy for her size.  She's cute as a bug and my groomer, Sharee, loves her best.  :) 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Rabies Shot Day

Why do I always have to get a bath before we go anywhere?

Am I going to get ANOTHER shot?!?!?

Can we go home yet??
Another good check up!  Velvet weighs almost 7 pounds and Little Chunk weighed in at 7 pounds 10 oz!  They sure do eat well!  And they love their cookies too!  We are back home and these two are resting comfortably - gearing up for playtime a bit later.  :)

Little Chunk will be winging his way east in a couple of weeks to his new mom, dad and Shih Tzu sisters in Illinois.  Thank you Cindy and Larry for your help and Karen - I know you are very excited!  He's adorable!