Saturday, November 8, 2014


ETA 12/13/14:
My subscription to Join Me has expired and at a cost of nearly $200 to renew, I can not justify the expense right now.  I can run basic, but the code changes daily and I can not isolate the camera screen so my entire desktop would be visible to the public.  Plus, during the past two weeks I have had numerous technical problems that kept kicking the whole thing offline.  Many of you out there probably don't understand also the amount of time I have to dedicate to bring this feature to you on a day to day basis and I just can't continue this considering my current medical issues.

I'm sorry to those of you that enjoyed the cam, but this current litter is older now and I'm not really sure when I will breed another litter, so for now we are offline until further notice.  My apologies to current puppy buyers.


Original post 11/8/14

Finally!  Puppy-cam is BACK! 

I'm tweaking resolutions and trying to make the experience even more clear.  We'll see what happens. 

Try it out!  Go to  This is a secure site.  Join my meeting with the password wotehsinst - that's it!  You can download an app for iOS and Android devices or watch on you desktop!  Be advised that this will suck your data on mobile devices so be sure you are on wifi.