Saturday, January 7, 2017

It's Getting LOUD In Here!

I've never had to deal with a litter of six puppies before.  The largest litter one of my girls ever had was a litter of five - which was enough work!  But SIX???  O M G!

Don't get me wrong - these little buggers are cute.  I mean REALLY cute!  But the amount of work and laundry combined with the ever increasing decibel level . . . well it reminds me of why I only breed about once per year!  :)

The littlest puppy is thriving!  I call him Timmy (aka Tiny Tim).  He is such a sweetheart!  A big kisser in a little package.  Just adorable!  The other two boys are tanks in comparison size-wise but both are tremendously sweet boys.  And those girls!  So cute!  Not as kissy, but those tails are a waggin'!  They all love the toys that I've introduced.  They've discovered squeakies but they love to grab onto the floppy toys and shake them like crazy.  And teeth???  Oh yeah - they got 'em coming in.  No wonder Kiki stopped nursing them last week!  The pups are completely on hard food now - although they spill more than they eat!  I swear that half of a bag of food gets dumped by every litter!

And even though Kiki stopped nursing the litter last week, she still remains crate-side and diligent as a protective momma.  She doesn't let just anyone of the dogs explore what's going on in the nursery!

The puppies quickly outgrew their 2ft x 3ft puppy pen and have since moved into the 3ft x 3ft pen on New Year's Day.  

The pups went nuts when they got into it - running like crazy just amazed at all of the room.  The extra space allowed for a nice cushy puppy bed that actually fit three quite well, at the time.  That won't last long unless they continue to pile on top of each other!  At least I used a smaller bed to start and there is still room for the larger version that I have.  I'll replace the small one with the bigger model very soon.

Some pictures since Christmas:


Continue to check my You Tube channel for video too!

I still have one (1) boy and one (1) girl available from this litter for placement in appropriate pet homes.  This litter will be ready to go to their forever homes anytime after 2/11/17.  You can email me for more information!