Monday, February 18, 2008

Our new little girl

I am happy to introduce the newest addition to our household! Little Garnet is shaking things up around here! She is quite a dynamic puppy and I have great hopes for her future here. Garnet's mother is Aurora - S'Dandi's Lite Up the Nite and Garnet's father is my first homebred champion Cole who is a Tojo Midnight Max son. Max of course is a legacy within himself, so talk about heritage! Garnet's great grandmother is my first ever champion Booty, who is still, and will always be, very special to me.

I have to thank Sally and Richard Watkeys for allowing Garnet to come West. I have wanted a solid red girl for some time and this little wonder was worth the wait!

As a tribute to my baby girl Crystal, taken from me by cancer last November, Garnet will officially be known as S'Dandi's Crimson Crystal Of WoTeH'sin. In many ways Garnet reminds me of Crystal, only with a red dress on. Garnet is feisty and spirited like Crystal was as a baby, and Garnet is a big kissin' girl like Crystal. I miss Crystal with all my heart and sometimes I think she's come back just a little darker and, if possible, in a more mischievous persona. Garnet has come to me at a time in my life when I needed a puppy to keep my heart from completely breaking in two.

Thank you Sally - this girl is very special.