My Favorite Doggie People, Places And Things!



If you live in Phoenix, this place is a must!  Before you shop at PetSmart shop at Ryan's Pet Supply.  If you aren't local to Phoenix, they are a catalog mail order house.  The Phoenix locals can take advantage of their awesome prices by shopping in their warehouse.  Go to their site and sign up for a catalog!

Another catalog house with good prices is PetEdge.  The do have a high minimum order requirement though.


For my grooming techniques see Grooming 101.  The links below will take you to the products I use on a regular basis when grooming for show.  Some of these products would be great to use on your beloved house pets too:

My favorite shampoo,  conditioner and grooming spray is made by Best Shot.  You can order it directly or buy it thru Ryan's or PetEdge.

For faces I use Chris Christensen White On White.  I also LOVE his Fusion Series pin brushes.  The Show Off rinseless shampoo is good too on faces.  I also use it on paws and back sides for maintenance.

Also for the show dogs faces I will occasionally use a whitening gel made by All Systems.  I use this SPARINGLY!  This is not a product to be used all the time.  I use it to reduce any staining that the White On White can not clean up.  This product is a BLEACHING agent.  Be CAREFUL when using this product.  DO NOT get this in the dog's eyes.  If you are not showing your dog, please don't even think of using this product on your house mouse.  A bright white face doesn't make your sweet baby love you any more that they already do!

For bands (ultra light weight 5/16" is my everyday maintenance band for heads & faces), bows, show leads and water nozzles you can visit Finishing Touch.  There are several similar sites out there with even more exotic selections of bows.  As I compile those links I will add them here.

The other brushes I use are the Spornette Little Wonder Brush for faces available at Ulta.  The other brush I bought there that I LOVE is sadly no longer available at Ulta.  I call it my Mason Pearson knock off because it was nearly identical in form, fit and function.  I had the Mason Pearson Pocket size 'Pocket Bristle & Nylon' BN4 brush but "lost" it at a show.  I LOVED that brush.  It is still available but I'm sure the price is close to $75.  To me it would be worth every penny and I will probably buy another one if my Ulta knock off every dies or disappears.