Thursday, December 20, 2007

Magic Man

I took Magic to Tucson last weekend for the IABCA Winter Seiger. It was a tiring trip, and cold, but well worth it.

The thing I like about the IABCA shows are the written critiques as well as the one on one time you get with each judge to go over the dog. In three shows you can complete an International title. I know of folks that have to keep going back to finish a dog, but I've been successful now twice in finishing dogs in consecutive shows.

My latest is International Champion WoTeH'sin Smoke and Mirrors - AKA "Magic".

Magic is a sweet little boy. He's a bit shy at first but he comes out of his shell quickly now. When I first started to show him earlier this year, he wouldn't walk. He'd put a few steps together but that's it. And each judge, patient as they were, told me they liked my dog but I had to get him to walk. And walk he eventually did - gathering four points in Traverse City last June. Since then he's been home, running the house, chasing the others around and being a dog. I expect to eventually finish him in AKC competition, but his sister Holly has to finish first. My checkbook can only handle so much. So in the mean time, Magic got his International championship and he'll run around some more until I decide to enter him in some shows here in the spring.

Pictured above is International Champion WoTeH'sin Smoke And Mirrors

My extended family

I've been blessed the past couple of weeks because I have received emails from a few past puppy buyers. The best part about these emails - besides the parts that say they adore their dogs and they are the best puppies one could have ever hoped for - the best part would be the pictures.

I was also at a dog show in Tucson this past weekend and I got to see a couple of past buyers who came to the show to see me and Magic. What a wonderful surprise! They raved about their puppy Zoey! We had a nice chat and I am so blessed that one of my kids is now their kid! Zoey is so loved! She is the light of her momma and daddy's life! And I feel so lucky to have my little one in their care - she is so loved and wanted!

Pictured above is Zoey Mallick of Oro Valley, AZ