Sunday, October 7, 2012

Velvet Wins Again!

We spent last weekend in the north country of Arizona.  Up north is always cooler (thankfully) and the pines are wonderful.  The drive up the mountain was uneventful and we made it to Show Low in about three hours.  The temperature was about 25 degrees cooler too during the day and in the 50s at night which was awesome sleeping weather!

After unloading a small amount of gear at the show site we made our way to visit friends Cindy and Larry who were gracious enough to offer Velvet and myself a place to bunk for the weekend.  We spent the evening catching up and I then had the task to groom out Velvet before bed.  Loved sleeping with the window wide open and enjoyed that cool, fresh mountain air!

The next day we had lots of help from the Boy Scouts at the show site who unloaded my gear from my SUV, got it all tied down to my show cart and got us to our set-up.  What an awesome service they provided!  I was sure to make a donation to the troop leader as I could never have made it over the terrain by myself.

The wind of course kicked up a bit as we got ready to show but Velvet did great and she won the Breed on Saturday.  Sunday the wind was awful!  It was hard enough to groom in it, but to show at 6,600 ft ASL with 30 mph winds - well - we didn't fare well.  Sorry to say poor Velvet was windblown and didn't move to the judge's expectations - on her down and specifically her back - and we went Reserve.  Oh well - there is always next time.  With her win on Saturday, Velvet now has three points towards her title.

After getting Velvet back in maintenance bands, we loaded up and had a smooth drive home.  Boy was I glad to see all my kids!  Velvet was glad to be home too!

My thanks to again, the Boy Scouts for all of their help, to Cindy and Larry for their generous hospitality and also to Carol and Gail Page for allowing us to share their set-up. Extra kudos to Carol and Gail for helping me with my gear on Friday and also on Sunday getting everything back to my SUV. I've been having some trouble with my back most recently and actually did this show against my better judgement health wise. I paid for it this past week in spades. Thankfully, visits to my chiropractor along with extra rest have helped me get past a good portion of the back and leg pain. I am hoping I can push through this lower back and leg pain that kicked up back in July and get back to showing my little one soon.