Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Solo is flying high!

If you've read through this blog, you will remember a little black & white boy born last August that I called Solo. He was a singleton puppy who grew up here fearing nothing. He began playing with the "big dogs" at 6 weeks of age. He was fully confident when he flew to Michigan last November with me to his new home at S'Dandi Shih Tzu. And Solo is now known as "Tuxedo" - officially WoTeH'sin S'Dandi's Black Tie-N-Tails.

Before he flew to Michigan he went to work with me one day and he was officially nick named "Killer" by one of the guys at the office. This puppy was havin' a ball being the center of everyone's attention during my workday. He spent the day being held and coddled by complete strangers, wagging his tail every step of the way. I knew then that he would be fine leaving the nest.

So off we flew Thanksgiving morning, and not a peep out of this puppy during the entire trip. We got to Michigan and within a few hours, this wonderpuppy was running Sally's kitchen with her crew - all complete strangers to him. And he didn't miss a beat. His tail and head held high, little Solo ran the kitchen, played with toys and started making friends with the other puppies, show kids and old timers of S'Dandi.

Sally kept saying how much she liked this puppy she now called Tuxedo. I was simply grateful he had a wonderful show home - hoping he would indeed be show worthy once he got old enough. I saw him again in January when I flew out to pick up Garnet. Tuxedo was just one of the gang and he didn't even give me a second glance. I watched him strut around thinking he had really nice movement. I was still in love with his headpiece, his topline and tail set too.

At the ripe old age of 6 months and one day, Tuxedo went Winner's Dog in Ft. Walton Beach, FL, and got a single point. It ended up he actually got another point due to an error in entry of another dog in his first show the day before - hey we'll take it! And not to be outdone, the following weekend, at 6 months and 11 days old, Tuxedo went Best of Winners for his first major! Four point major to boot! Gads - was I thrilled! This lovely puppy had 6 points before his 7th month of life was complete!

Pictured above is WoTeH'sin S'Dandi's Black Tie-N-Tails