Saturday, September 20, 2014


Kiki had her x-ray today so we know what to expect come delivery day next weekend.  She has five puppies in there!  She'll be a busy momma!  Vet says all looks good.  I will post pictures next weekend!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Is It Labor Day Already??

This has been one heck of a year so far.  In late January we moved to our new forever home here in north Phoenix.  It was quite an effort having the place gutted and renovated followed by the move.  When we moved in we had one working utility sink in the dog room and the guest bath had a working shower and toilet.  No counter tops were in at all and renovations were still on going.  Paint, tile, drywall.  It all still needed work in some way shape or form.  The master suite was far from complete.  The pups and I stuffed the king size bed into a guest room and crashed there for about a month until the master bath was complete.  It was worth it.  Then the guest bath was completed.  During that time the granite in the kitchen along with the bath Corrian arrived and it started becoming a real home.

Early March brought hip replacement surgery and while the hip cooperated, my chemical make-up didn't.  My incision was not healing properly and I had a low grade infection brewing.  I've had two follow up surgeries to facilitate healing.  After five months I am finally going back to the office five days a week starting after the holiday.  I've lost a lot of strength and stamina but I am determined.  Once we are sure the infection that started is gone, we will begin with knee injections next.  I've got a great Orthopedic Surgeon and I am confident I will be back in the show ring in 2015.  While weaker than normal, I feel better than I've felt in a very long time.  Once the summer heat dissipates I will begin a walking routine to help me build up my strength again. 

I can't thank my friends that have helped me through this ordeal enough.  Even before the move, people were there helping me pack.  Then the move - I was worried I wouldn't get through it.  But I did with your help.  The renovation team was amazing and my house turned into a home before my eyes.  Then came the surgery - babysitting me, helping with the dogs, helping with the house, rides to and from the hospital - you guys know who you are.  Not to mention my surgeon.  What a gift you have and I am lucky to have found someone so talented, patient and kind to lead me through this journey.  I am BLESSED to have you ALL in my life.  I will never be able to repay each of you for the time you took to help me. I am humbled by your generosity and kindness.  Shih Tzu hugs and kisses to each and every one of you!

So now it's kind of cool being in my own place and being able to create my own style.  We are still unpacking.  A little at a time. . .  The dogs are now used to the new digs and their favorite thing is running from one end of the house to the other when I open the gates and let them have full access.  They chase each other like crazy, rounding through the kitchen and into the family room.  Then running all the way down to the other end of the house and back to start it all over again!  It makes me smile.

And we have puppies on the way!  That's the icing on the cake!  Life is good!