Monday, May 11, 2015

Gidget Goes To Las Vegas

Last week was an exciting week!  Gidget and I went to Las Vegas for the Shih Tzu National!  For a couple of months Gidget has been learnig to walk on a lead and also learning about being groomed and stacking herself on a table for exam.  All of this "training" was nothing short of amateur - we didn't go to any classes - we just worked here at home.  Fast forward to last Tuesday - Gidget gets swept up by her handler Greg at 8am and by 11am she's been put into her first show groom, has a lead around her neck with someone new at the other end, is standing on this stuff called carpeting on which she has never stepped foot, and she's in this great big ring with all of these other dogs that look a lot like her but in various colors.  Needless to say - day one didn't go so well.

Fast forward 24 hours and here she is:

By day four she was in the ribbons in what was deemed the most competitive class by Judge Filburn!  What a good girl!  And thank you Greg for your wonderful work!

Gidget will be spot shown by Greg Larson in the Midwest this Spring/Summer.

Look for more pictures soon!

Congratulations . . .

. . . to the Carlson family of Scottsdale on their newest addition - Abbie AKA Lil Bit.  A perfect match!

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