Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Puppy Cam!

ETA:  Puppy Cam is now OFFLINE.

By far the very best thing I've ever done as a breeder for my puppy buyers - I did completely by accident and it strictly started out as a means for me to watch over my litters while I was away from the house.  And so started Puppy Cam!

I've had dogs placed near and far.  It isn't always easy for people to come by to visit the puppies as they grow up.  But now - it is!  Almost every day when I have a litter of puppies, I fire up the webcam in the morning before leaving work, focus it on the "nest" and wham bam in less than a few minutes I can pull an app up on my iPhone and see my puppies via wifi.  Thanks to a little website called "Join Me" my puppy people can watch each litter all day long!  It's so nice for them to be able to see a litter develop!  It's one thing to send pictures, but quite another to watch them move around and play with their litter mates.  Or sleep in a pile o'puppies.  Or have lunch with their momma.

Puppy Cam is up almost every day right now thanks to my beautiful Samantha and dad Future who created a lovely foursome of puppies.  The babies are three weeks old and starting to toddle around; checking into mom's food or coming up to me to visit.  Tail wags will start soon.  They are already pawing at their brothers & sisters making the first moves of play time.  Check them out - just click on the Join Me link above and the code to watch is wotehsinst - Enjoy!  :)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Babies Are Here!

What a whirlwind delivery!  It took less than 2 hours!

Multi CH WoTeH'sin Do U Believe In Magic? and Multi BIS CH Xeralane's Face The Future welcomed 2 boys and 2 girls this morning.  The royal couple is doing fine!  :)  So are the princes and princesses.

Future  x  Samantha
More to follow!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pretty Girl

CH Magic  x  CH Kiki
13 weeks old
Loved and spoiled by the Panosian family of Scottsdale, AZ

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Champion Velvet

Last fall when I started to slipped into chronic pain, I had a little girl in coat who had three points.  As my ability to sit for long periods of time diminished, I was only able to brush this girl for shorter and shorter periods of time.  Couple that with the fact that she wasn't exactly a "coat factory", well I was ready to cut her down.  I called Greg and asked if he wanted to take Velvet, and I warned him that her coat was in terrible shape. 

I always tell Greg when I send him a dog to be honest with me when he gets the dog and he does his evaluation.  If the dog isn't worthy, I'd rather the dog come home than be an embarrassment to both of us.  I stressed that this time.  If he found her to be structurally sound, I told him to sit her out for a long period of time to grow coat.  I expected the worst.

Greg entered Velvet for shows immediately. 

And so Velvet's show career began . . . with winning.

I had second hand reports from people who knew others that saw her.  Velvet's coat was in bad shape they would say.  I always stressed to anyone with whom I discussed Velvet, that her coat condition was thanks to ME and MY inability to care for it.  Greg did a fabulous job with what he had. 

It didn't hurt that Velvet loved to go into the ring and wag her tail at everyone that would look at her.  Someone told me Velvet was a big flirt with the judges.  That made me laugh because I remembered her first weekend I took her into the ring.  She WAS a flirt.

Once she singled out, again I asked Greg if he wanted to sit her out to grow some more coat before attempting majors.  He said no.  The next weekend that he showed her, I almost wrecked my car when he sent me a text telling me Velvet got a 4 point major.

 The following weekend Velvet finished with her second 4 point major.

During one of our last phone conversations, Greg said to me "Imagine how well she would have done with hair!"  I can't imagine because she won almost every weekend she was on a lead with Greg.  I think the only weekend Velvet didn't get a point was during their two days in Chicago.  How on earth could I be disappointed with that??

Velvet is my 10th overall champion, my 8th home bred champion, her mother Violet's 4th champion kid and her father Magic's 2nd champion kid.

I am blessed.

Thank you Greg for your hard work, the magic you work with a brush and comb as well the kindness you show my dogs in your care.  You continue to do the impossible.  You have no idea how grateful I am for all you have done with my dogs over the past few years.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

More Playtime With Mom

Chester is now 11 weeks old.  He is a typical 11 week old singleton puppy.  He adores his momma and he loves to play!


Sunday, March 10, 2013

AKC Breeder Of Merit - REALLY???

Anyone can swipe graphics from websites.  It really isn't that difficult to do.  So if someone uses a logo showing themselves as an AKC Breeder Of Merit - don't just make the assumtion that they truly have applied and been accepted into the program sponsored by the American Kennel Club.

Here are the requirements to be a member of this elite group:


  • Has a history of at least 5 years involvement with AKC events.
  • Earned at least 4 Conformation, Performance or Companion event titles on dogs they bred/co-bred.
  • Member of an AKC club.
  • Certifies that applicable health screens are performed on your breeding stock as recommended by the Parent Club.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to ensuring 100% of the puppies produced are AKC registered.
There is a place on AKC's website where you can actually check if a breeder has been awarded the distinction of being a breeder of merit.  Here is the link: 

And finally - when you receive your puppy's registration - there will be proof one is an actual Breeder Of Merit:

Do your homework!  If a breeder advertises that they are a Breeder Of Merit then search for them on AKC's website.  Ask to see proof of their AKC titles on dogs they have bred or co-bred.  Ask what AKC club in which they are a member and contact that club to verify membership.  Ask to see health screen results. 
If you wait to receive your AKC registration and find at that point that the breeder in question is NOT a Breeder Of Merit - likely it's too late to do anything about the situation.  If you care about the integrity and honesty of the breeder you select, don't just believe they are telling you the truth.  Have them produce the proof.
I'll be reporting the "breeder" I found falsely sporting the Breeder Of Merit logo on their website.  How dare you lie about your credentials!  Some people will do anything to make you believe they are a responsible breeder when all they really are is a small scale puppy mill.


Here is Sabrina and her little boy Chester who is totally in love with his Aunt Samantha!  Chester will be going to his forever home the first week of April.  He is a lover of a puppy!  And he adores playing with Sam.


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Pile Of Puppies

CH Kiki & CH Magic welcomed their babies into the world Friday afternoon. Two girls and one boy. Mom and kids are doing great. Dad just wants a cookie! :)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Incredible Indecency Of Some Puppy Inquiries And The Joys Of Boys

I recently had an exchange with an interested person for a puppy.  It was an inquiry that I declined.  They openly admitted to having a seven year old doberman that they had not neutered.  I found this to be curious especially since they also said they would have no problem "signing" a spay/neuter contract if required.  Well, to me signing and doing are two different things and the track record was such that I didn't feel it would be in the best interest of my sweet puppy to be placed in a home with an intact male dog who had been king of his castle for 7 years.  I expressed this and the hate mail ensued.
Just a reminder to you folks out there looking for a puppy from me - these are MY puppies.  I don't have to place them or SELL them to anyone!  This person went on about how I had missed out on such a great home and that I really didn't care about my puppies at all.  How dare I make decisions about neutering a dog when I have no idea how the dog feels?  And after all - this is a SALE not an adoption. 
Amazing.  I don't care about my puppies at all???  Who in the hell do YOU think you are?  You have no idea of which you speak or, in this case, type.  What about the health of the dog in the long run?  Statics show a neutered dog will have a lesser chance of cancers.  Surf the web - get a clue.  Really!  And to infer I do this for money??  WTF??  I wish the bleeding in my bank account would stop!  This is not a business folks - this is a labor of love.  If you think I'm getting rich off of breeding dogs you are seriously mistaken.  This single puppy I have right now - I'm into this puppy for nearly $2,000.  Placing him in a pet home will net me a four figure net LOSS.  So get over yourselves when you THINK I'm getting rich breeding dogs.
Well the next day brought this to my inbox and it was such a pleasure to read:
"Hi Nancy,
Just a note to let you know MyLee is still our wonderful little boy and is doing fine. He rules our house with an iron paw. Lol.
When we got him from you I wanted a pet to love and to be company for my husband and me. As you know I was worried about having our first male puppy. Well you were so right. After having had 2 females before him, I have to say he is the most loving dog we have ever had. Our females tolerated my loving. He demands it. The day is not complete for him unless he has his playtime and his loving time sitting on my lap.
He is such a smart little guy too. He knows when I let him out at bedtime that when he comes back in, it is time for bed and goes straight to his room and in his kennel without me saying a word. And when our grandaughter stayed with us a few months, he learned to open the bedroom door to let himself in to go to bed. We have door handles like a lever and he jumps up and pulls the lever down to open the door. I come to check on him and he is in his kennel and looks at me as if to say what took you so long.
As you can tell, he is the light of our lives. We enjoy him so very much. He doesn't know he is a dog you know. He thinks he is actually our little boy. He is very protective of both of us.
I think of you often and am so sorry to hear you are having some health issues. I am happy however to read on your website that you still have the wonderful values that you have for your puppies. I still visit your website to see how things are going with your dogs and with yourself.
Oh by the way, the last visit to the vet for his yearly checkup, the vet said he was in perfect health and he weighed in at 15 pounds.
Lots of love and hugs and a Happy New Year from your friends in Kingman, AZ
Bob and Jean and a very spoiled and happy MyLee"
What a difference a day makes in the world of email!  Oh - and MyLee is a neutered little boy.  One of those puppies I didn't or don't care about.  HA!
Thank you Bob and Jean for giving my lovely boy a perfect home forever.  I know he is healthy and loved and for that I am grateful and blessed!  And thank you for reminding me that I'm doing it right.  Sometimes I need to hear it to believe it!  My best to you and our precious MyLee!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Placing Adult Dogs

One of the hardest parts about being a breeder is the heartbreak.  It occurs in many forms, and sometimes you know that you must feel the hurt in order to make a dog's life the best life possible.  This is the case in placing adult dogs.  Young or old, it hurts, but as a breeder I have to remember to do what is best for the dog and do what is best to move forward to continue the quest to improve on what I have.  Sometimes the older adults just stay.  And really I wish I could keep them all, but it is not reasonable to assume that keeping every dog gives that dog what he or she needs to have the best life possible.

I recently placed an older girl that I knew in my heart needed a home where she was queen of the castle.  She was always second fiddle to my alpha girl here and she longed to be number one.  So as hard as it was, I put her out there to see if there was any interest.  And surprisingly enough there was, even though she was about 7 years old.  I interviewed a couple of people that I totally found unsuitable.  And then the call came from a gentleman looking for a good dog for his mom who had recently lost her Shih Tzu to old age.  We talked for a great while and decided to meet.  When they arrived his mother seemed skeptical because of how attached my girl was to me.  That is to be expected, I said.  She's only known me.  But once she discovers I'm not there, she is going to latch on to the woman that is there.

It ripped my heart out to watch them leave with my girl.  But I knew it was the right thing to do.  We called it a test drive but I knew in my heart that this girl had found her next, and last forever home.  She would be loved and doted upon in a way I never could give. 

After a day I called and asked how things were going.  It was a positive report.  After a week, my girl's new momma called me to tell me there was no way she would ever give up her new found love.  A couple more weeks went by and I sent the paperwork for the transfer and I received the following  note in return:

Hi Nancy!

Thank you for my precious baby.

God has been so good to me.  She is a gift from heaven.

She is doing great.  No problems at all!

I know you must miss her.

Hope all is well with you.

PS:  I now call her Molly.  I kept calling her Maggie.  Molly was as close to that so we call her Molly.  No matter what she is called, all you have to say is "treat" and she comes running.

Love -

Now that warmed my heart.  And while the ache is still there because my girl is not here, I know that I did the right thing.  Molly is now totally the queen of her own castle!