Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Puppy Cam!

ETA:  Puppy Cam is now OFFLINE.

By far the very best thing I've ever done as a breeder for my puppy buyers - I did completely by accident and it strictly started out as a means for me to watch over my litters while I was away from the house.  And so started Puppy Cam!

I've had dogs placed near and far.  It isn't always easy for people to come by to visit the puppies as they grow up.  But now - it is!  Almost every day when I have a litter of puppies, I fire up the webcam in the morning before leaving work, focus it on the "nest" and wham bam in less than a few minutes I can pull an app up on my iPhone and see my puppies via wifi.  Thanks to a little website called "Join Me" my puppy people can watch each litter all day long!  It's so nice for them to be able to see a litter develop!  It's one thing to send pictures, but quite another to watch them move around and play with their litter mates.  Or sleep in a pile o'puppies.  Or have lunch with their momma.

Puppy Cam is up almost every day right now thanks to my beautiful Samantha and dad Future who created a lovely foursome of puppies.  The babies are three weeks old and starting to toddle around; checking into mom's food or coming up to me to visit.  Tail wags will start soon.  They are already pawing at their brothers & sisters making the first moves of play time.  Check them out - just click on the Join Me link above and the code to watch is wotehsinst - Enjoy!  :)