Monday, July 26, 2010

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Say hello to MyLee!

Some of you may remember that I flew out to Michigan to pick up a puppy earlier this year. I was ever so hopeful that this puppy would be a male that was exactly what I was seeking in a second male for my breeding program here. I had planned this breeding for YEARS and the pedigree - well - it is incredible. But you know what they say about the best laid plans and best intentions . . .

Before I went out to Michigan I had a call from a lovely lady who had lost her Shih Tzu a short while ago. She had actually found me by searching for the breeder who bred her last pup. My first champion girl, Booty, as it turns out was co-bred by the breeder of her treasured baby and Jean found me by searching the internet to locate Jamie. She was, in fact, doing her homework. She had found other breeders and other puppies, but she just didn't get the feeling they were the right breeder or puppies for her.

We spoke for some time and I knew Jean and her hubby would make perfect parents for a little one of mine. We talked about possibilities and I hoped she would wait until my return from Michigan before she made any decisions about purchasing a puppy. You see, most people think it's a marathon to get a new baby in their home and heart. Most people don't stop and think about the ramifications of buying from someone other than a responsible breeder - they merely want to fill that void in their heart and/or home. So they buy from people that have puppies readily available whether or not the "breeder" is actually responsible. It's easy to say "well they seem okay" when you have that cute little face staring back at you.

Here's a newsflash -- ALL PUPPIES ARE CUTE -- even if they are poorly bred examples of ANY breed!

So I brought home my little guy, who I called Miles, and I watched him for several days. Sadly, I knew he would not grow into the dog I needed to move forward in my breeding program. Some people would say I just wanted the money and sold this puppy. But believe me when I tell you that this was NOT the case. I spoke to Jean and while skeptical about a male, she was thrilled we could work out an arrangement for her to get her new bundle of joy.

So Miles - who is now called MyLee - is living the spoiled good life in Kingman, AZ.

In a recent email, Jean writes:

"Just wanted to bring you up to date with Mylee. He is doing great. He is completely housebroken. He jumps on me and barks when he wants to go out. Is growing like a weed and is very healthy. He has had all his shots now.

We just came back from a trip to Calif. and he did really good. No accidents in the house while we were there. He ran and played and wore himself out everyday. We took his crate, so he had his bed every night. Our kids tried to talk us out of taking him home, but we told them we would have to stay too, so they let us bring him home. lol . . .

He is so active, we never know what he is going to do next. But we both really love him and he makes us laugh all the time. . . . He is so smart. He knows to come, sit, and stay already. As you can tell, we think he is the smartest dog ever born. lol . . .

Take care and thank you for MyLee.

Your friend,


Talk about a great feeling! Thank you Jean for giving my baby a great home! And keep those pictures coming!!
And Jamie - if you read this you have GOT to get in touch with me! I've had a few people call me asking about you and I really would like to get back in touch. I have so much to share with you!