Saturday, July 9, 2011

Champion Samantha

It's been a while since I posted about Samantha's travels with Greg Larson.  Pictures have finally arrived and my schedule has finally given me a day to catch up!

After winning her first weekend out with Greg in late March, Sam consistently won or took reserve at almost every show.  Here she is winning her first major with Greg in North Dakota early in June.  She went on to win her second major two weeks later in Minnesota and her final point the next week in Illinois I believe.  Not sure of all the dates - I can barely remember what day it is today!

Anyway here she is with Greg and judge Paula Hartinger.  Thank you Paula for this nice win!

Many thanks to all of the judges that put Sam up, to Greg Larson for his lovely presentation and to Tiger Allen for flying Sam to and from Minneapolis.  She'll finally be home this week!

Samantha will not be bred until 2012.  I'm still looking at my options there.  Whoever the lucky boy will be - you can rest assured he will be special!  ;)