Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Graduate!

Abbie graduates from her Level 1 Puppy Training!  This makes me so proud!

CH Magic  x  CH Kiki

Lil Bit had been placed at 12 weeks with a family that HAD to have her.  Against my better judgment, I placed her with that family.  Less than two months later, "Lil Bit" as I had called her before she left, came home to me nothing like she was when she had left.  She was "too much" to handle according to the family that had her.  My heart ached when a puppy that usually ran to me and covered me in kisses now cowered on the floor and urinated in fear.  I spent the next few months getting back the puppy I once knew - showering her in love and affection while training her to be a good girl with positive reinforcement.  I knew that once I had her back to the loving puppy she was in the beginning that eventually the right family would come along.  And they did!  My thanks to the Carlson family for making a loving and positive home for Lil Bit - who is now proudly and lovingly called Abbie!