Sunday, June 14, 2015

Seriously Overdue!

Karen and Mark Galloway are the proud parents of a Shih Tzu crew in IL.  I'm happy to say that they have two very special black and white boys from AZ named Dallas and Magic!  Karen and I met thru a mutual friend a few years ago when she wanted to add to her canine crew and that's when Dallas headed towards the windy city.

He quickly fit it with his Shih Tzu sisters . . .

and even the family cat!

Fast forward to earlier this year and Dallas gained a new brother - Magic.  They are real life half brothers!  :) 

I have to thank Karen for all of the great pictures she sends.  I wish you could have made the trip out to AZ with Mark to pick up Magic in January.  Hopefully soon we will meet face to face instead of just via email and phone calls.  Thank you for always being there for me when things seem bleak.  And thanks for giving my kids a great home and family!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Long Overdue!

Congratulations to the Halbach Family of Scottsdale!  They are the proud parents of Otis who was from the last Kiki x Magic breeding.  Otis joined a family that already loved Shih Tzu and Otis has an older brother Charlee.  They are getting along well!  Otis loves tennis balls, the rain and watching the birds and blowing leaves in his yard.  Good boy Otis!

Otis is brother to Bodhi who now lives in Pioche, NV, Magic who lives in Sugar Grove, IL, Abbie who also lives in Scottsdale and Gidget!  What a pretty litter of puppies you were and you are all turning into beautiful adult dogs with families that love you!  I'm so blessed to find the very best families for my pups!

If you have a WoTeH'sin kid and you haven't sent me a picture recently - please get in touch!  I love seeing your pictures and getting your emails!

Gidget Update!

Gidget got her first point yesterday in Jordan, MN!  Yea!!  :)

1 down - 14 to go!