Shih Tzu Health

Please refer to the following pages for information about Shih Tzu health and health problems within the breed:

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All of the health testing in the world can not eradicate health issues - it only will help a breeder reduce the incidents in their line.  Genetics is risky business.  I do offer a health guarantee against death due to genetic causes in my placement contract. 

Veterinary Services

WoTeH'sin Shih Tzu is a long time client of VCA Mountain View Animal Hospital.  Medical services are provided by Dr. Brad Walker DVM, Director of Medicine.  Dr. Walker has owned Shih Tzu over the years and he knows this breed.  I value his medical opinion, his excellent rapport with my animals and knowing that I have the best Vet looking after my krew in the Valley.  The staff at VCA is second to none.  You guys are the best and I appreciate you more than you know!