Sunday, November 13, 2011

After Lunch Bath Time

Violet is a wonderful momma dog to her babies.  She is definitely in her zone.  The puppies are becoming more animated and they are starting to do some serious toddling around.  They are more aware now of everything around them and they are starting to interact with each other too.  This week toys will be introduced for playtime.  The other dogs in the house continue to show more interest in the nest, especially Samantha and Kiki.  Kiki constantly is standing up to be nose to nose with the pups and they are now starting to toddle over to that side of the crate to visit with Kiki.  The next couple of weeks will be fun!

Nap Time!

Ok - I've had enough for lunch!  It's time for my nap!

Show News

Kiki continues to do well in the show ring.  Last weekend after winning the breed, she placed third in the group at the AZ Toy Dog Fanciers puppy match.  This weekend she won the breed on Friday at the Canada del Oro Kennel Club show in Tucson.  Here she is resting after her win.