Sunday, March 5, 2017


My litter of six is down to my final one - my "pick" that I call Lilly.  She makes me smile every day!

This litter was hard to watch leave the nest. Maybe because I was home and not working while they grew up.  Dougie and Timmy (now Cooper) left early and now reside in Oregon.  Josette (now Camellia Jayne) now resides in New Mexico.  Herman (now Dougie Herman) lives just up the 17 in Anthem.  And Angel is just to our south in Awahtukee. 

I cried many tears as they all left.  I hope I made good choice - giving them all families that I trust will love them forever and give them all of the things I can't.  I'll miss you all.  My love and big pieces of my heart went with each one of you.  I'll never forget you.