Sunday, February 21, 2010

Puppy update

We have boys! Three beautiful boys. Sadly we lost two puppies but I am forever grateful to Sally for doing everything possible to make this delivery the best for my dear Holly. It is always sad to lose young babies - it is the one thing as dog breeders that hurts almost as much as losing one of your older dogs to disease or age. Sally once told me that if it ever stops hurting to lose a newborn, it's time to get out of dog breeding - and she's right. It's like a piece of your heart goes with that baby to the bridge - but you know you'll get it back when you pass on to your afterlife and you are reunited with your babies. It still doesn't make it any easier.

So boys! Lovely, perfectly marked boys! Three of them from which I can choose. This boy is an important element to my breeding program because of his pedigree. And I can't believe I have three perfect babies from which I can pick! I am blessed! I can not wait to see them, and I am planning my trip to Michigan to do just that! I simply can not wait to see them move - it should be beautiful!

There they are up above - no names yet - still thinking about that. So for now, just enjoy the picture of CH Rush x CH Holly baby boys!