Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Growing Up!!

The puppies are growing quickly and I've spent way too many hours just watching them and marveling at the beauty of them growing up!  It is so awesome to watch them progress day by day as they learn new skills.  They just seem to be so happy.  They are healthy - nice shiny coats and bright eyes.  Strong little legs.  Teeth coming in.  This past week they started on puppy food mush and I introduced new toys to them.  They LOVE to eat!  LOL  Here are a couple of pics of them sleeping recently.  Check out my YouTube channel for video.

I still have two boys available to the right homes.  Please email for more info!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Eyes Are Opening!

At almost 2 weeks old, the pups are all doing great - even the itty-bitty boy!  I was so worried about him!  But he is a little fighter and he's always willing to belly up to the bar when I find it available with no other takers.  I'll wake him up and place him with momma and away he goes!

Eyes are now open, all be it slightly, on all pups.  Beautiful eyes just as I had hoped.  They all still sleep all day except for nursing.  Over the next couple of weeks that will change as they begin to interact with one another once their vision focuses and they can each see their brothers & sisters.

From earlier today - left to right G G B B G B

You can visit my You Tube channel to see additional video of this as well as past litters.  Here is the link.  

There are still pups available to the right forever homes.  Email me for more information.

Sunday, November 20, 2016


I am happy to announce that Kiki and Bo are the proud parents to a litter of six lovely puppies!  There are three boys and three girls.  The color variety is very nice.  Mom is doing well and she is quickly learning the meaning of time management!

There are still puppies available from this litter.  Email me for more information!

Friday, October 28, 2016

We have puppies on the way!

CH Kiki has been bred to Bo!

We are excited that puppies are on the way!  They are due on or around November 24th.  FYI - girl puppies always go first . . . .  Puppy selection goes by the date your deposit is received.

Pictures will be posted shortly after birth.  For more information please email me.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

And Then There Were None . . .

That was fun!  This last litter had a rocky start but the time flew by!  All puppies went to excellent pet homes and for that I am grateful!  Thank you to those who helped me in my dire times of need.  Shelly, Tracey & Stephanie - I could not have done this without your help and I am forever grateful. 

We unfortunately lost a little boy puppy at about 4 weeks of age.  It was incredibly sad.  He's bouncing around now at the bridge with those that matter from here - his g'ma, g-g'ma and others are there to love him and teach him the way.  That at least gives me a bit of peace.

I will post some pictures and videos here hopefully next weekend.

Suffice it to say - this ended up to be a FUN litter.  They were adorable!  They were easy puppies to live with and they warmed my heart!  Video went to their future forever homes just about every weekend to keep the prospective parents up to date.  It was like I knew each new family before they flew in to pick up their babies!  One puppy is local to a repeat home which is so awesome!

So now we are on to the next litter.  For more information check out my Upcoming Litters page.