Saturday, May 18, 2013

Champion Velvet

Last fall when I started to slipped into chronic pain, I had a little girl in coat who had three points.  As my ability to sit for long periods of time diminished, I was only able to brush this girl for shorter and shorter periods of time.  Couple that with the fact that she wasn't exactly a "coat factory", well I was ready to cut her down.  I called Greg and asked if he wanted to take Velvet, and I warned him that her coat was in terrible shape. 

I always tell Greg when I send him a dog to be honest with me when he gets the dog and he does his evaluation.  If the dog isn't worthy, I'd rather the dog come home than be an embarrassment to both of us.  I stressed that this time.  If he found her to be structurally sound, I told him to sit her out for a long period of time to grow coat.  I expected the worst.

Greg entered Velvet for shows immediately. 

And so Velvet's show career began . . . with winning.

I had second hand reports from people who knew others that saw her.  Velvet's coat was in bad shape they would say.  I always stressed to anyone with whom I discussed Velvet, that her coat condition was thanks to ME and MY inability to care for it.  Greg did a fabulous job with what he had. 

It didn't hurt that Velvet loved to go into the ring and wag her tail at everyone that would look at her.  Someone told me Velvet was a big flirt with the judges.  That made me laugh because I remembered her first weekend I took her into the ring.  She WAS a flirt.

Once she singled out, again I asked Greg if he wanted to sit her out to grow some more coat before attempting majors.  He said no.  The next weekend that he showed her, I almost wrecked my car when he sent me a text telling me Velvet got a 4 point major.

 The following weekend Velvet finished with her second 4 point major.

During one of our last phone conversations, Greg said to me "Imagine how well she would have done with hair!"  I can't imagine because she won almost every weekend she was on a lead with Greg.  I think the only weekend Velvet didn't get a point was during their two days in Chicago.  How on earth could I be disappointed with that??

Velvet is my 10th overall champion, my 8th home bred champion, her mother Violet's 4th champion kid and her father Magic's 2nd champion kid.

I am blessed.

Thank you Greg for your hard work, the magic you work with a brush and comb as well the kindness you show my dogs in your care.  You continue to do the impossible.  You have no idea how grateful I am for all you have done with my dogs over the past few years.